Splat Arena (7DFPS)

team multiplayer game

Splat Arena is a free multiplayer game we developed in 5 days for the 7DFPS. The game is a protoype, pretty much incomplete, but you can play it and leave suggestions on our forums

Your goal is to destroy the enemy Totem by shattering all it's power runes using "The Orb". 

"The Orb", a holy relic powered by the souls of those it slays in battle, but as cool as it sounds, this feature is not actually implemented yet.

There is only one Orb per arena. You can capture it, push or pull it around using  your magical force staff. 

How To play:

Launch Splat Arena, create or host a multiplayer game.

Splat Arena is a multiplayer team game. You have to destroy the enemy tower by throwing the orb at the energy runes floaing around it.

You will find the orb at the center of the map. A ray of in the sky light will show you the position of the orb.

The orb will hurt you because it’s heavy and has spikes. It will also hurt your opponents.

Green spikes are bad for yur health.

The colored bands on your staff display you how much life you have left.

Pull the orb when you are close enough to attach it to the staff.

You can push and pull powerups and other people too.

Green powerup = health
Yellow powerup = haste

Play the game!

Mouse – look around
WASD – move wizard
Space – Jump
Mouse 1 – push beam
Mouse 2 – pull beam

TAB – open console

Type ”join team 1″ or “join team 0″ to switch team