Lt. Frank Melville

Frank Melville was born on the Earth, in one of the many megalopolis that populate North America. His large family lives inside the Administrative Complex, one of the self-sufficient structures in which government employees reside and work. His childhood passes peaceful, distant from guerrilla warfare and decay, in company with his seven siblings. A few years after the beginning of his adolescence, Frank’s life changes drastically: following to the umpteenth social war, the government falls and a group of riotous attacks the Administrative Complex. His father dies in the engagement while the rest of the family manage to escape, loosing all its goods. Settled in a decadent city, the Melvilles make every effort to earn their living by working inside the city’s spaceport. In this very place Frank meets for the first time travelers born on extraterrestrial colonies. The tales of unexplored asteroids and space battles, together with the will to run away from that rotten town, convince him to embark as a cabin boy on a little cargo headed for Mars, the St. Lawrence.

The shift from being a cabin boy to being enrolled in one of the colonies’ navy spaceships is quick. Moved on Ephestus, his first years in the navy still remains vivid in the memory of the eldest Mizians: a series of victories and his charisma allow Frank to gain the respect of the colonies. The reconstructions of his career and of his successive decades of life break off sharply, lost in a mist of legends and rumors. The only sure event is, at the time of leaving for Miza, Frank appears in front of one of the passenger spaceships showing a simple lieutenant grade. His scars and wrinkles are the only hints about his mysterious adventures.

Cpt. Galatea Reyes

Cpt. Galatea Reyes

Galatea was born on Ephestus from earth’s parents, first and only child of a interplanetary communications technician and a cryptographer. Almost blind at birth, she is put in waiting list for the nanosurgery surgical procedure that would allow her to gain the sight. As a child, she grows up full of imagination and fantasy, creating in her mind all the things her parents use to tell and describe. At the same time, the blindness improves her other mental and physical skills, turning her into a attentive and active person. Exactly one month after her 7th birthday, Galatea has the operation so long awaited. After a few days she’s able to observe for the first time what surrounds her: Ephestus is a mining colony with dour tones and a bare surface, completely different to the imaginative and cheerful images that filled the child’s mind. The resulting slight feeling of disappointment will change part of Galatea’s character, turning her into someone less and less inclined to fantasies, reserved in her thoughts and severe.

Following the creation of the new colony, as well as the majority of Ephestus’ inhabitants, Reyes family decide to leave the solar system in order to escape Sol Command predominance. Miza is a planet similar to the Earth: its various landscapes, the blue atmosphere and the vegetation reminds to a, by this time adolescent, Galatea all her infantile fantasies. The fondness felt by the girl toward her new home is by far bigger than her bound with Ephestus. Motivated by a new sense of belonging, she recruits in the space army. Her brilliant mind, together with her creativity, allow her to stand out for tactical and diplomatic skills. Being quickly promoted, she becomes Orinoco spaceship’s captain at the age of 29.