History of Miza

In a future not so far away, the Earth is crossed by political, environmental and economical crisis. Private corporations, in control of revolutionary technological advancements, gather more and more power and money. The lack of raw material sources shifts the attention to space and corporations finance robotic and human explorations of the solar system. A new colonization era begins thanks to the creation of habitable biospheres and extraterrestrial resource extraction facilities.

After years of unregulated conflict to gain control of this new frontier, damaged and exploited by the war between corporations, a group of colonists claims their independence from Earth’s puppet governments and unregulated corporation power. These rebels, workmen, researchers and thinkers are gathered on Ephestus, a key mining asset in the asteroid belt. The primary strategic relevance of Ephestus Station, together with the enduring conflict among space-faring corporations, protects the newborn nation from deadly retaliation. Soon the rebels form Alisade Union, a new organization that becomes one of the biggest manufacturers of space propulsion devices and exo-habitat technologies, gaining economical and political power by exploiting the enduring corporate wars trough the entire solar system.

During the years following the birth of the Ephestus nation, revolts and workers unrest become extreme and every space-faring organization is forced to join a regulation act in order to stop the escalating conflict. An interplanetary council is founded to regulate extraterrestrial trades: Alisade represents colonial interests among the many corporations and governments. This new council is called Sol Command.

Sabotage and hostility never truly stop, and Ephestus survival becomes increasingly difficult. Edmund Alisade, leader of the Ephestus gathering, dreams of a peaceful future for his people, and driven by the desire of new discoveries, starts the exploration of extrasolar universe using his own technology. Thanks to the almost unlimited resources gathered during corporate wars, Ephestus successfully builds the first FTL capable propulsion system after years of research.

Hidden in a gaseous cloud, Ephestus’ explorers find a new, apparently habitable, planet which is very similar to Earth. Local fauna reveal itself in insects and small rodents and also vegetation is modest. In order to avoid that possible contaminations could damage colonist or native wildlife, spherical structures are built on the planet’s surface. After a period of intensive studies and analysis, the explorers are joined by the great majority of Ephestus inhabitants. A new colony is born: Miza.