G v1.0.0.4

Dec 23, 2008

I know, we are not really good at updating the website... however, here we are with at least a new version of G, again. If you still enjoy our little game you can now run it with the latest XNA 3 runtime.

Sabretooth concept

May 26, 2008

IMPACT! Will feature different starships, this one is the one we call "sabretooth", an armed and improved version of the old G model.

Still alive…

Apr 28, 2008

Hey there! We are still alive, you know
Everyone in the team has been quite busy lately. That was the reason for the lack of updates.

Update on Polpette

Mar 26, 2008

While we wait for the Dream Build Play 2008, we keep working on our game Polpette. For those of you that are new new to our website, Polpette is an XNA RTS featuring strange little creatures fighting for survival.

Video tutorials series on 2D tile maps.

Mar 6, 2008

Nick Gravelyn, that all the "XNA crowd" should already know for his constant presence at the XNA forums and for libraries like EasyZip; sent us an email to tell that he has just started a new serie of video tutorials on 2D tile maps in XNA.


Feb 13, 2008

Finally we are back with some new stuff for our website! And for "new stuff" i mean a new project.
The project name is "POLPETTE" and it's a mini-RTS we initially designed for the Silicon Minds contest.