Studio Evil 7DFPS is "Splat Arena"

Jun 18, 2012

As you know last week we joined a bunch of crazy awesome indies on the 7DFPS challenge.
What we created is called “Splat Arena” and basically it’s a multiplayer game about splatting the opposing team and their totem with a spiked ball.
You can find out more about the game at it’s offical 7DFPS page, play iy straight away from your browser or dowload it directly from here: WIN | MAC.

We are definitely satisfied with what we achieved in the 5 days we were able to work on the project. It was great, it was fun and it was definitely worth it. We had the canche to experiment with network and multiplayer related techincal stuff, and explore new shaders and art styles as well.

We are going to update Splat Arena in our spare time, so let us know if you enjoy the game, leave us comments and suggestions on our forums!

If you haven’t already you should go check all the games that were built during this last week.
My personal favourites are Psycho Logy and Europa, but there are tons of games submitted to the 7DFPS, I missed some hidden gem for sure.

Huge thanks must go to the people that organized the whole event.
Jan, Sos and Sven, Thank you, It was great.