We need your support on Steam Greenlight!

Sep 3, 2012

Vote for Syder Arcade on Steam Greenlight.

This is so important for us, I dont' even know where to start this post.
I wrote a couple of depressing, tearful walls of text full of how much we worked hard to build Syder Arcade, but I had to scrap them. Every developer does its best to build the game he is making, and we are no different from the hundreds of people swarming Steam Greenlight.

It has been almost 10 months of development, fun, rage, tears, small victories and defeats. We made many mistakes, we did our best to fix them.
We released Syder Arcade almost on every digital store out there. Most of them were super awesome with us, we were even featured by Apple on the MAC app store, but is simply not enough.

We created our company to make games for PC and Mac. Developing games for these platforms is expensive, it takes time bacause PC gamers expect and deserve quality and polish.
To keep doing that we have to be able to release our games on Steam. There is no way around, it is extremeley difficult to keep your business going if you build downloadable PC games and you are not able to distribute them on Steam.

You have got the new demo, you have got the bundle + the OST, you have past and upcoming patches.

If you think we are worth something as a team, help us out, cast an up vote for Syder Arcade on Greenlight.