It all started when…

Studio Evil is an independent video game development studio born from the endless passion of three kids from the ‘80s. After more than a decade of art and programming they finally joined forces to build spectacular video games. Their most important projects are the retro-inspired Syder Arcade (2011), the educational game Relive (funded by Games for Health Europe), and Super Cane Magic ZERO, developed in collaboration with the popular comic book artist Sio after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

We are also specialized in Virtual Reality and interactive experiences. Among our clients, we count Ducati, Motul, Heineken, FAAC and QubicaAMF. Find out more in our b2b website.


Maggie - The Treasure of Seshat:
Best Applied Game - Italian Video Game Awards 2019

Super Cane Magic ZERO:
Official Selection Finalist - Indiecade Europe 2018
PAX Rising Selection - PAX South 2018

Future of Health Award Winner - Games for Health Europe 2012