We are Studio Evil, a small independent game development company. We make indie games for PC and Mac, sometimes even for mobile platforms.

Old school gamers, we strive for quality and we are committed to provide you the best gaming experience we can achieve.

You can find us in the beautiful city of Bologna, Italy.

Core Team:

Luca Marchetti
CEO & Master of puppets.
Wearer of the +5 hood of command.
twitter: @svicolone
Marco Di Timoteo

Artist, designer and world domination specialist.
His insane fixation with videogames can be used as a powersource.
twitter: @evilredpenguin

Christian Meneghini

CTO, master of arcane art of coding.
foreach (evilPlan ep in darkCollector) {codeNewExplosion(bigger); sleep(less);}
twitter: @xevian360 

Domiziana Suprani

Compulsive topic locker.
Computer Science student, Aperture Science lover, but don’t ask her to code.

Fabrizio Zagaglia

Combat programming and XML Warlock.
Will code anything involving ragù sauce and MUMUMULtikills